Saturday, May 31, 2008

straight up

Here on your typical saturday afternoon in Melbourne, 'Stralia.
I made my usual trip to Borders for my update on things.
This always ends with my useless news of important things.
Favorite TX band back home, A.N.S. had a rightjeous interview in THRASHER.
Juxtapoz also had sweet article on Melbourne art stuff.
and Casey Stoner (AUS) is taking down Valentino Rossi in Moto GP.
I've been so consumed in living here for a few months that I forgot about
my nerdy interests.
On another note, my return to the Lone Star State is set for the end
of June and the plan is to wreck shop (as they say) before and after.
Got some epic plans for another diabolic summer.
Gas in tejas is almost up to $4 and with it being the summer season up there,
which will only fuel my plans to run around TX on my motorcycle more.
Probably might result in some rad pictures.
So besides this being the lamest first post.
I will do some entertaining with the next and will include pictures.
Since i'm in 'Stralia i will for surely share the madness going on.

O, yes here's some wikipedia action for you!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Not quite yet

still got to get this blog rolling

so in the meantime

go listen to hank williams or that henry rollins guy