Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buddy Stubbs' Motorcycle Museum

Heard lots of about Buddy Stubbs' motorcycle museum from the Harley dudes in my class, so i finally went. Buddy Stubbs raced flat track, TT racing, road race, did stunt riding, ran around with Bud Ekins, and even had Von Dutch work for him.
So at his H-D dealership, he's got quite the museum of motorcycle history. Atleast 7 Vincents (5 shadows and 2 comets), a few Ariel Square Fours, old H-D Peashooter Board Tracker, the original Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle from the Wild Angels movie, a couple Jawa speedway racers, Triumph & H-D scooters, H-D snowmobile, and at least 100 other motorcycles.
Heres a few photos I snapped :

Triumph Scooter

flaked out Jawa Speedway racer

that def a throne for racing a speedway bike

#42 Buddy Stubbs

sweet Knievel inspired street tracker, love those Super Trapp pipes

and then...

I got to stand toe to toe with the bike I've read about the most in the past 6 months
a Vincent Black Shadow 1000cc V-Twin. The monster of it's day!

so being here in Phoenix for roughly 6 months, i'd have to say i've had alot of awesome motorcycle exposure (outside of MMI).

But i did get to tear down and rebuild a Honda CRF150 motor and got it to run for class.
First time tearing a motor down and then running it, pretty satisfying.
and got my dirty hands into a H-D EVO.
annnnd it helps to have a mustache when building motors
Photo on 2010-06-23 at 18.48 #3

I'm starting to like them all(motorcycles).....even Harley

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Film and Motos

Heres a bunch of my photos of motorcycles on film.
I've been obsessing over film cameras and motorcycles
ALOT lately. So heres for all you who need to get there
photo kicks too.

old side valve relic

my fav looking honda,
cb 350

another sweet Honda

single cylinder Ducati

stunning Triumph motor

double exposed

awesome and bizarre diptych i got from my half frame Diana mini
Honda Nighthawk (left)

Mike's Aprilia Falco

nice Yam XS650
with flaked 3/4 helmet to match

Pan Head
from a basket case

Triumph Trophy 650

Dad's Moto Guzzi 850 T

my Suzuki SV 650S (that i left back home)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The opposite of bummer is Summer

Now according to the calendar summer is finally here.
This 100+ degree weather in Arizona feels good,
so its time to jam out to some catchy good tunes!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

back in time on YOUTUBE

some nostalgic Motorcycle youtube goodness

Starting it off with this great old Triumph Film
a peek into the British assembly factory and some riding

Spotted this neat promo video about the Honda RC30 on the Visual Gratification blog

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dusty racing goodness

Finally gonna post my pics from the AMA Flat Track race from last month.
Been here in Phoenix for only 5 months and I already got to see my first flat track race in my life. It was on a mile track too, so the bikes were really thumpin.
It was windy and pretty chilly, the track was very dry and altitude was an added factor in Prescott, AZ. ...and i got star struck when i saw Chris Carr (fastest man on two wheels) , since my dad and i have been doing a bit of land speed trials @ the Texas Mile
Brought my digital Canon Rebel w/ telephoto lense and my new super tiny Diana Mini 35mm camera.


letting loose

Shawn Baer riding the Triumph

I read all about the Kaw Team, so it was great to see this machine tearing around the mile track


This is a very beautiful twin from a Triumph street tracker on display

tons of wicked bikes

lots of different bike giving the XR bikes a good race (not Joe Kopp's bike)

the Halbert pits

This killer bike is Matt Weidam's BMW/Rotax f-tracker (after the main)

Nicole Cheza (featured in Sideburn mag's 5th issue)

Shawn B

and the winner of the weekend, Joe Kopp
It was an insanely close race between Kopp and Sam Halbert.
I was posted up at the last corner so i didn't get to see the photo finish


Heres a photo taken by my buddy, John (i'm in the corner shooting)
Click to view larger

Those are just a slice of the massive amount of photos taken.
The final 2 round of the 2010 AMA flat track will come back to Prescott, AZ
in October so expect more and more flat track action