Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buddy Stubbs' Motorcycle Museum

Heard lots of about Buddy Stubbs' motorcycle museum from the Harley dudes in my class, so i finally went. Buddy Stubbs raced flat track, TT racing, road race, did stunt riding, ran around with Bud Ekins, and even had Von Dutch work for him.
So at his H-D dealership, he's got quite the museum of motorcycle history. Atleast 7 Vincents (5 shadows and 2 comets), a few Ariel Square Fours, old H-D Peashooter Board Tracker, the original Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle from the Wild Angels movie, a couple Jawa speedway racers, Triumph & H-D scooters, H-D snowmobile, and at least 100 other motorcycles.
Heres a few photos I snapped :

Triumph Scooter

flaked out Jawa Speedway racer

that def a throne for racing a speedway bike

#42 Buddy Stubbs

sweet Knievel inspired street tracker, love those Super Trapp pipes

and then...

I got to stand toe to toe with the bike I've read about the most in the past 6 months
a Vincent Black Shadow 1000cc V-Twin. The monster of it's day!

so being here in Phoenix for roughly 6 months, i'd have to say i've had alot of awesome motorcycle exposure (outside of MMI).

But i did get to tear down and rebuild a Honda CRF150 motor and got it to run for class.
First time tearing a motor down and then running it, pretty satisfying.
and got my dirty hands into a H-D EVO.
annnnd it helps to have a mustache when building motors
Photo on 2010-06-23 at 18.48 #3

I'm starting to like them all(motorcycles).....even Harley

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