Monday, June 16, 2008

this one is a bit of a history lesson

Alright here's my trip to the Tassie land in less than 50 pictures.
I didn't get to see Tasmania devils so if that's what you wanted see
then you're out of luck. Trip consisted of my lovely flatmates
Chelsey, Sharlee, and I staying in Hobart for the weekend and
squeezing every bit of action out of it.
But we didn't head out without a bit of an end of semester
party night in Melbourne with our crazy fun international mates.


actually we did a shitload of touristy stuff,
saw the oldest:
Catholic Church, bridge, and brewery in Australia
and rode some mountain bikes down an actual mountain
Also went on a tour of the Port Arthur penal colony (an old convict prison)
and tour i mean ghost tour.

F.Y.I.- We we're very stinking close to Antarctica

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