Saturday, July 3, 2010


If you like cruising the net,
def check out AMA online Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

its always good to know your motorcycle history,
since i'm sure you can't find a class on it.

heres some of my favorite hall of famers

Pops Yoshimura

Mike "the Bike" Hailwood
Mike-Hailwood-250-Ducati 23 03 81

Soichiro Honda
Soichiro Honda

Cook Neilson (center)
Cook Neilson on "Old Blue"

Dick Mann

Elmer Trett (my fav drag racer)

John Myers (I got see him race before he died)

I know theres tons of other awesome motorcycle legends but these are my most memorables ones. Just wanted to show some love to people who have contributed and helped give motorcycles a good name.

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