Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Honda drag bikes

Lots of metric drag bikes are of the Suzuki and Kawasaki flavor.
So before the Z1000 and GS1100 motors, Honda was there early in the game.
(Not to mention Triumph and H-D) but you don't seem tons
of Honda drag bikes, so I just thought i'd show them some love.

*update* Just found this sweet video of Bob Malloy and John Sands rocking the strip with there Honda Funny Bike. An all motor bike running nitro, mmMmm

Heres a photo from 1966, of Denis Manning of BUB Streamliner Land Speed Recorder Team
rocketing on his Honda CB450

V4 powered Honda Sabre, Dave Dodge of DPR
I believe our racing buddy, Rich use to drag race a Honda Sabre too.

Russ Collins on his triple Honda motor'd monster that almost killed him, but became the first seven second drag bike. Russ did double and triple motor CB bikes, and even one with a 2000cc Goldwing motor!

and another well known Honda drag racer, Kent Stotz. He's build a Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird (200mph)  and this CBR1000 Turbo

I've seen these absolutely killer Honda CB750 street/drag bikes all over the net.
It belongs to the guys over at Garage Company in Cali

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