Wednesday, May 2, 2012

to the country of hills

With a few days off from work, had to hit up the Texas Hill Country w/ my good friend, Jan.  Rode my Suzuki sv650 and Jan on his '12 Triumph 675R.   Weather was perfect with no hiccups from the bikes.  Smooth sailing once we got up to San Antonio.  Rode up to Fredricksburg and the surrounding area for some ridiculous perfect roads for motorcycles.   2nd gear up and downhill turns to my favorite 4th gear 40-70mph twists!   killed quite a few bugs and rode over a few snakes.  Glad we didn't encounter any deer or large vultures.    Got an invite to do the last Pancho Run with Slo V and the boys but had to turn it down. Hope those dudes are grinning ear to ear in there chopper flith.  Heard the Wizard is out on his Bueller.

stopped in Bandera,TX


this is where the Wizard gets his powers


Hotel'in it in Fredricksburg, TX


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